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Introducing Team Trivia & Full House Hold'em

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to review this exciting new promotion available to the bar and restaurant industry.

Team Trivia was developed in Atlanta, GA by a creative team of people who have extensive backgrounds in the hospitality industry. It’s purpose was to draw large numbers of quality customers to participating establishments on otherwise slow times of the week, and to maximize the per head dollar average of all attendees.

What is Team Trivia?

It’s just what the name says…a live weekly structured trivia game hosted by an emcee, and played by teams. Nothing to buy or rent, we take care of everything.

What kind of “trivia”?

All Types. We want to appeal to a wide audience. Some of our main categories include; music, movies, television, sports, and plenty of other fun subjects.

How long does Team Trivia last?

Team Trivia traditionally lasts approximately two hours. The reasoning for the comparatively short duration as opposed to other promotions is its target crowd and target times. The majority of Team Trivia games happen on weekdays, and are attended by players who are educated with a higher average income (they have jobs to get to the next morning). We don’t want to send them home so late that they wouldn’t want to come back next week. Besides, you’ll get a higher per head average from Team Trivia players anyway.

How much does it cost?

Besides the nightly fee, your only other costs are the prizes. Traditionally venues will offer gift certificates good at their locations for 1st 2nd and 3rd places (50 – 25 – 15).

How is Team Trivia promoted?

We provide you with customized table tents and posters for in-house promotion. Team Trivia snowballs very quickly without costly outside advertising because of the way it is crafted. People naturally invite friends and coworkers to participate in order to enhance their chances of winning.


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